27 juillet 2011

Frame assembly - Stick-Welding , Brass, MIG or TIG?

Though upper arguments, some guys are still assembling their bike frame by stick welding. That´s tempting, it would allow more flexibility:

Tips for welding: http://en.openbike.org/wiki/Welding_tips

I contacted Aleksander Micsiz, from ami design (http://www.amidesign.ch/), who also stick-welded pretty nice frames - from steal squared sections -  in order to have his opinion on this subject.


Here is a good reference video of a steel trike frame welded with MIG, TIG, and brazing for different types of joints.
part 1, see greenspeed.com sticker at 1:40 part 2 see TIG vs. MIG comparison @ 4:50, brazing @ after 7:30



And, for a foldable frame, used by everybody (Greenspeed, Barcroft, Bilenky,Longbikes,...), the solution seems to be the Bike Torque Coupling  BTC (http://www.sandsmachine.com/)

The Longbikes model fit even in two hard cases!



And a huge idea, the Tandem convertible Trike!!!

p_gret12_1_ minus p_gret11_1_ equals p_gret10_1_

Thank you BTC!

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